How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out

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how to make your luggage stand out

When you think the ordeal has ended as the long flight is over, wait, no! You still have to sail through the overcrowded airport and get your luggage. And if it’s the little black suitcase that every second person carries, it might take some time before you put your hands on the correct one.

The best way to identify your luggage in a crowd of never-ending bags is to make it stand out. From picking bright-colored bags to adding attractive accessories, there are many ways to make your luggage conspicuous. In addition, many fashion icons and style icons are seen at airports carrying customized travel bags that strongly reflect their taste and style.

In this article, we will discuss fun ideas and tips on how to make your luggage stand out while traveling.

Let’s get started.

Pick an Attractive Bright Suitcase

attractive red luggage

What is the first choice of color for a suitcase for most of us? Black. Yes, black is the obvious choice as the color is classy and maintenance-free. Hence, we can see different shapes and sizes of black suitcases and handbags lined at the baggage carousel.

So which one is yours? It sometimes becomes impossible to recognize your suitcases among the horde of black bags. So instead of conventional black, go for bright or stylish colors. Pick colors like blush pink, coral green, or a pearl white color that stand out. Not just that, watch eyes of envy and admiration turn in your direction as you walk past in confidence with these beauties.

Some companies also get monograms done in different fonts and colors. A monogram is a great identification stamp if you want a personal touch on your suitcase. Choosing a unique color is one of the best ways to make your luggage stand out.

Accessorize Your Bag

A little decoration could make it easy to find your luggage at the baggage claim. Use accessories like a ribbon or scarf, tags, vibrant duct tapes, paints, or sew fabrics or buttons onto your suitcase. If you are wondering how to make your luggage stand out, add glamor to your ordinary-looking bag.

Read on to find out ways to accessorize your luggage.

Use a Ribbon or a Scarf

Look for your luggage to be easily spotted with a ribbon or scarf. Rush to your nearest craft store and pick a fanciful ribbon. Next, you can select a sequenced fabric or print. Tie it to your suitcase handle or zippers.

Adding the ribbon/ scarf has numerous other benefits. Your bag will look stylish, and people will compliment you for your sense of taste.

Put Some Luggage Tags

putting luggage tag

You can add a classy tag to your suitcase that becomes a style statement. If you look around, luggage tags are widely available as souvenirs during traveling. You can fill in your name and other personal details like your phone number on the tag. In case the suitcase gets misplaced, it might reach you back. Ensure that the tag is bright and vibrant to catch attention easily.

Strap That Belt

If you do not like the idea of a tag or a ribbon tied to your suitcase, there are many other options to explore.

How about strapping a belt to your luggage?

Many companies design personalized luggage straps so you can quickly identify them at the baggage counter. Belt straps are a great option if you are traveling as a big group for a function or a vacation. Putting similar belt straps with logos or initials on your luggage will make identification and assembling of the group luggage easier.

Decorate With Stickers

Teens and youngsters love to add sparkle and funkiness to their luggage. Stickers can become a fun activity if you have children. They can select a theme or pattern for their suitcases and bags. Once they adorn their suitcases with trendy stickers, it will give your travel luggage a complete makeover.

If you are low on budget, adding these funky stickers is the best way to cover up the wear and tear of your much-traveled suitcase. Some people like to add their initials with stickers, while others go for special editions, themes, etc. In addition, adding name stickers will help you find your luggage in case it gets misplaced during travel.

You can pick from a vast collection of glamorous stickers ranging from vintage style stickers, Away’s Luggage stickers, travel-passport stickers, and so on. These stickers will appear as funny patches from a distance so that you can quickly identify your suitcase.

Use Neon Colors

Kids and teens wearing neon-colored jewelry like neckpieces, anklets, and bracelets is a common sight. Just put these glam trinkets on your suitcase handle to give them a unique touch. But, of course, the most significant benefit of a neon-colored accessory is that it glows even in the dark.

Tightly secure a friendship band over the luggage handle. You could also use multiple bands to tie on the handle of your suitcase or bag. These bright-colored bands will successfully come to your rescue when planning to make your luggage stand out.

A Tracker is Handy

Take the help of technology to secure your luggage and contents. Place a tracker in your luggage to locate your bags during the rush hours of crowded airports. There are several devices with corresponding apps.

And you are done! Your tracker will give you an idea of the location of your luggage wherever you are traveling. If your luggage gets misplaced, track it on your phone to know the whereabouts of your belongings. Some advanced apps have devices fitted with mechanisms that set off ringing tones when the luggage is within a specific range. Otherwise, they reflect the location of the bags on the map.

The luggage tracking system is a great way to secure your luggage from getting lost or theft at the airport or in public places.

Purple is Your Color

purple luggage holding in hand

If you like going in for dark colors, try purple instead of black this time. Firstly, they break the monotony of using a black suitcase repeatedly. Purple color camouflages dirt and is much easier to identify than black in cramped airport spaces.

And yes, purple is a classy shade to carry. It exudes royalty, elegance, luxury, ambition, and extravagance. So why not go with the trend and pick a lovely purple bag?

Be Different

What do we do to get noticed in a big crowd? Be different.

If you want your bag spotted instantly, try making your luggage look weird or exciting. For example, you could buy a uniquely-styled bag in uncanny shapes, designs, or colors. Sew funky and weird patches or splash your suitcase with metallic paint sprays.

You could add some sequins or sparkles to your bag; creativity options are endless. If you are a creative soul, there may be numerous ideas brimming in your mind. Many enthusiasts from the fashion, travel, and other niche areas like to theme-decorate their luggage. Use your imagination to convert your luggage into an exciting piece of artifact.

It sure will not be missed out!


From customized luggage to personalized accessories on your luggage, there are numerous options on how to make your luggage stand out. It will save you the time and hassle of getting stuck in long queues at the baggage claim center. Different suitcases can be easily spotted if they get lost. If you want to file a missing complaint for stolen luggage, a distinct identity on the bag will be helpful.

And as technology has advanced phenomenally, gadgets like trackers will ensure that your luggage is safe and secure. And yes, we are all proud of our classy chic suitcase that people cannot help but notice.

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