Best Luggage Cover: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

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best luggage covers

Travelling is easier when you have your belongings packed in good luggage. Nevertheless, you need to protect your luggage from the stress of traveling. This stress includes all types of damage your luggage experiences during travels.

As a regular traveler, luggage covers are necessary to protect your suitcases from scratches and dirt. This guide will provide a review and complete buying guide for the best luggage covers you can buy.

1. WUJIAONIAO Travel Luggage Cover Spandex Suitcase Protector

Wujiaoniao travel luggage cover is one of the best you can buy. This luggage cover is manufactured using excellent materials (85% Polyester and 15% Spandex). Its elasticity makes it a perfect fit for luggage, while the cover’s thickness makes it durable against scratches.

This luggage cover has incredible designs that make it easily identifiable, so you don’t struggle to recognize your luggage among others.

What We Like
  • It is available in different sizes
  • The material is strong enough to withstand scratches
  • The double-sided opening makes it easy to fit left and right handle luggage
  • Easy to spot in the baggage claim
What We Don’t Like
  • The openings for the handles do not always align well

Wujiaoniao has become one of the most preferred luggage covers among ardent travelers. The features appeal to customers, and the quality has been top-notch. There is little to dislike about this product.

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2. Explore Land Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector 

Explore Land travel luggage cover comes in various sizes to fit different luggage. The available sizes range from S (18-22 inch luggage), M(23-26 inch luggage), L (27-30 inch luggage) to XL (31-32 inch luggage). In addition, it’s designed with Polyester and Spandex material, making it suitable for many users who prioritize quality.

What We Like
  • It is available in several sizes
  • Protects a wide range of luggage
  • It is easy to wash and maintain for a long time
What We Don’t Like
  • It is not water-proof
  • The closing can break if you are not very careful

Explore Land travel luggage provides customers great satisfaction, especially considering its availability in different sizes. Although the product requires some care, it’s an excellent luggage cover for travelers.

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3. Samsonite Printed Luggage Cover, License Plate

Samsonite Printed luggage cover is one of the most popular among regular travelers. People love the unique, bright colors that allow you to spot your luggage immediately. It is also available in different colors that appeal to varying tastes.


What We Like
  • It stretches well to fit over your entire suitcase
  • The large designs allow you to add personality to your luggage
  • It is highly compatible with Samsonite suitcases
  • It is easy to pull on and off the luggage
What We Don’t Like
  • It is more expensive than other similar products
  • The size can sometimes be wrong

Samsonite Printed luggage cover is a top choice among travelers who use Samsonite luggage. The vivid suitcase cover also works well with other bags, making it a popular choice among travelers generally.

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4. Travelkin Luggage Cover Washable Suitcase Protector Anti-Scratch Suitcase Cover

Travelkin luggage covers have a fun design that appeals to many art lovers. This luggage protection covers your luggage from top to bottom in various colors. The cover comprises 92% polyester, fiber, and 8% spandex.

Travelkin luggage cover protector is anti-scratch and designed with excellent durability.

What We Like
  • Protects against dirt and scratch
  • It has two openings at the top for the carrying handle and a telescoping handle
  • It comes in various sizes, from small to medium size
  • The material is thick and strong
What We Don’t Like
  • Little snags and breaks can adversely affect its usability.
  • You may not get the size you want

Travelkin luggage cover provides excellent value for money. The product has features designed to protect luggage from getting scratched by baggage handlers. It also lets you keep your suitcase game on top of the shelf.

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5. Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover Protectors 

Yotako Clear PVC suitcase cover protector is an excellent option for travelers passionate about great designs and durability. The product is made with 0.3mm PVC strong and durable material, making it usable for a wheeled suitcase, jeep luggage, Kenneth Cole suitcase, and others.

What We Like
  • Secure hook and loop closure to protect the luggage
  • Solid and durable material that is one of the best in the market
  • A transparent clear plastic material that fits a variety of luggage
  • Protects luggage well during use
What We Don’t Like
  • The openings for handles are not reliable
  • The size does not always correspond to the luggage size

Yotako clear PVC suitcase cover is different from the pack. The product is different from elastic materials that can get torn and scratched easily. Many people purchase this product because the manufacturers have one of the best refund and replacement policies.

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Things to Know Before You Buy a Luggage Cover

Buying a luggage cover may appear easy, but you must consider certain things before finalizing your purchase. There are many options in the market, and you can easily buy the wrong item. Instead, you should consider critical factors to decide on the suitcase protector that will give you the best value.


Luggage covers come in various materials such as polyester, fiber, spandex, and PVC. Each material has distinctive features that make it a preferred option. In addition, some luggage covers combine materials such as polyester and spandex or fiber and spandex.

Spandex is a regular addition to many luggage covers because it enables elasticity. However, suitcase-to-cover measurements are not always accurate, so you need a flexible body. This cover will accommodate some size disparity, and you will not have to wait for days of replacement.

While spandex covers are known for their range of colors and elasticity, PVC is transparent and waterproof. In addition, PVC does not show you have a cover on your luggage. This is suitable for those who don’t want their luggage cover to draw attention.


Closure is equally important in getting a quality product. Luggage covers usually have either velcro or zipper closures. Both are good, but the quality depends on the maker. Read reviews to know if the closure on the protective cover you are about to buy is strong.

Previous buyers usually post about their experiences, such as a broken closure after a single use. Your closure should also be easy to reach. TSA officers are not patient and will cut your suitcase cover if it does not open on time.


Suitcases come in different sizes and so do the covers. Measure your bags and carefully check the covers’ descriptions for the most compatible accessories. The numbers do not always match, but they are usually close.

Most suitcase covers are fashioned in four different sizes, including small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL). Don’t rely on these labels alone; check the numbers written in inches.

Ease of Access

Many people do not consider this before buying luggage covers. However, after getting the product, they realize common errors impeding ease of access. These errors include the handle opening being on the wrong side of their suitcases. It is also possible that the handle opening does not fit the position of your suitcase.

The ease of access may also determine how TSA and airport security treat your luggage. Although they would often treat your luggage with care, the officials can get impatient when dealing with many bags.

In these scenarios, the officers will only open your luggage cover if it is easy to access. Otherwise, they will cut through it to get to your luggage. Therefore, you can save yourself from the cost of getting a new luggage cover every time you travel by getting one with great accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are luggage covers worth it?

Yes, luggage covers are worth it. They provide additional protection for your suitcases during your travels around the world.  Good luggage covers also lessen the impact of bumps and snags on your bag. You will understand how much luggage covers are worth when you throw away one. The damage on it could have easily been on your expensive luggage.

Luggage covers also show their worth when you have to check out after a long flight. The last thing you need is to be held up at baggage claims trying to know which bags are yours. A distinctive luggage cover will make you identify your luggage quickly. Then, you can be on your way home.

Does TSA allow luggage covers?

TSA allows luggage covers if the officers can open them. The officers may not return the protective cover to how it was previously. However, you will be glad you bought one. After examining your luggage, you will understand that it could have been worse if you had no luggage protection covers.

Meanwhile, TSA officers may cut open your luggage protector if they cannot open your suitcase easily. There is nothing you can do about that than buy another one. A situation like this is one of the reasons people cannot use their luggage covers for long.

Best Luggage Cover

luggage with orange cover

WUJIAONIAO Travel Luggage Cover

Wujiaoniao has some of the best suitcase protectors for travelers. This product ticks all the boxes, including material, size, style, and durability. Many applaud the quality of the luggage protector and its durability.

Explore Land Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector

Explore Land made a suitcase protector many people would love to have. It is stretchy, and strong and comes in the colors everyone loves to have. The zipper closure may not be the best, but other qualities make up for that deficit. The reviews on various platforms show that people mainly have good things to say about this polyester and spandex suitcase cover.

Samsonite Printed Luggage Cover

Samsonite Printed luggage cover is the most expensive on this list, but it is worth it. This luggage cover comes in various fun designs that make you happy to spot your luggage in baggage carousels.

Travelkin Luggage Cover Washable Suitcase Protector

Travelkin luggage cover is the perfect luggage cover if you travel a lot. This product is easy to wash and can last a long time if you take good care of it. It also comes in various colors and sizes to suit your preference.

Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover Protectors

There are not many good plastic luggage covers, but Yotako Clear PVC luggage cover is one of the best. This transparent luggage cover is foldable, which makes it easy to store and reuse. It also has a secure -hook & loop closure that makes it easy to install and remove.

Final Thoughts

The luggage protectors covered on this list are the best. They have great features that offer value to users.

The first four products on our list are polyester and spandex, designed to fit luggage firmly. They also come in fun designs that give personalization options to buyers. Yotako Clear PVC suitcase cover is the only transparent luggage cover on the list, and it boasts excellent reusability and easy storage. Enjoy the best luggage cover and let us know which one you picked!

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